Missing Interface Card After upgrade…

  • I'm a newby here and using 2.0 RC1. I'm using 3 nix on my box, 1 intel(fxp0/lan), 1 realtek(rl0/onboard wan), 1 TP-link(ste0/?). The problem is, after upgrading from april 12 release to april 13 release, my TP-Link is now missing in action, I do not know how to reinstall the driver back…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The only driver changed around then was bce. It was updated on April 7, then rolled back on the 11th because it was causing problems. ste hasn't changed

  • Did the startup ask you to reassign interfaces? (happens to me when pfSense thinks an interface has gone missing)

    Perhaps there was an error encountered with an interface on startup. Please post the output of the pfSense shell command dmesg

  • Thanks for replaying…I've already fix the problem this morning by restoring to factory default, maybe it's just a misconfiguration on my side... thank you again.

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