Siproxd help.

  • Hello.

    I'm looking for some beginner guidance on Siproxd using a linksys (sipirua) 2102 ata device.

    This is my setup..

    LAN      = RE1 (
    WAN    = RE0 (
    OPT1    = RE2 (not used)
    VLAN49 = RE3 (Voice) (
    VLAN59 = RE3 (Wifi) (
    IPSEC  = Satellite offices ( and (

    We're using SipXecs on Vlan49. Office phones. No problem here.

    I've configured the sipirua 2102 with registration details on sipxecs via LAN. Works great there. I can make outbound calls, receive calls etc.

    The problem is when I move the 2102 to IPSEC office location All entries in the 2102 are IP Based and the device registers with sipxecs, I get dial tone, but no audio at all. When dialing internal extensions, I usually get the operator recording but unable to leave a voice message. It appears the sipirua 2102 is not able to establish rtp session effectively.

    How then can siproxd help in this situation?

    I have tried siproxd with vlan49 as inbound and wan as outbound, but no joy. Siproxd refuses to accept this and does not start. I have already restarted pfsense.

    Any help in configuration would be appreciated.

    Do I go through IPSEC or through WAN?


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