Help me with dual wan

  • have tried with some tutorials but i could not do anything
    i have
    WAN with ISP public IP
    LAN with public IPs and OPT1 ADSL behind a router with private IPs or if i want i can put a public IP from the same class
    I am using DHCP with Captive portal for LAN
    and i want a simple config:

    All the http from LAN routed to OPT1 and the rest to WAN
    I have tried a lot of rules in firewall but still nothing
    I cannot belive how others can do a hard config working and I could`t made one easy config.
    Can someone pls give me a detalied step by step configuration

  • You need to add a rule on the LAN NIC.

    1. Firewall/Rules/LAN.
    2. Add new rule.
    3. Interface: LAN.
    4. Protocol: TCP.
    5. Source type: LAN Subnet
    6. Destination port range from: HTTP.
    7. Gateway: OPT1-OPT1.
    8. Save.
    9. Move rule to top.
    10. Apply changes.
    11. Wait couple of seconds.
    12. Try to browse to and see if it shows you correct ip address.

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