Routing - same ingress/egress iface

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to make pfSense route traffic from LAN clients to our dedicated network via LAN iface on pfSense - is this even possible? I mean the ingress and egress iface on pfSense is the same (default LAN iface).

    I created static route, I can ping from pfSense and from LAN to the dedicated network and back, however any other traffic is blocked by "Default rule" on pfSense even if I have set "allow all" rule (any protocol, any source, any destination, any port, …).

    UPDATE: I've just noticed the problem above is only with reply traffic (responses to traffic initiated from the dedicated network) - the traffic initiated by LAN clients is allowed on pfSense...

    Any hint will be higly appreciated, I'm lost...


  • Muchas gracias, Perry, it works!

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