Dual LAN, opt1 not port fowarding

  • I have 2 LANS (LAN1 and OPT1).

    I have a bunch of ports forwarded to devices on LAN1 and it works perfectly fine. When I do a port scan of my IP, I see all the ports.
    I recently added OPT1 and I'm trying to forward ports but it's not working. The rules look identical to the LAN1 rules, but nothing is getting through. Port scans don't show the OPT1 ports open, only LAN1 ports. Any ideas?

  • Did you create the portforwards/firewallrules from scratch or by copying them over? I recommend creating the portforwards and keeping the "autocreate firewallrules " checked. Also check if your client that you forward to has no firewall of it's own. Finally check if this client uses the correct gateway (opt1 pfsense interface IP).

  • It was the default gateway :) Thanks!

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