Really Yummy Sandwich

  • I must be hungry.

    So, I'm gonna take three eggs, crack em open in a bowl. Shake some black pepper and sea salt on them, then I'm gonna cut some chive, seasoning pepper, and onions in small pieces and add them in with the eggs.

    Then, I'm gonna take a fork and beat those eggs until everything's mixed in nicely and it's watery. Heat up the frying-pan, add some real butter, let it melt and shake it around in the pan until it covers the entire base and the sides of the pan.

    Add the eggs and do it omelet style. Both top and bottom a little brown.

    When that's done, add two slices of deli-cheese and let melt.

    Then, I'm gonna heat up two hamburger breads. Open them up in the oven until the insides are a slightly crispy, then I'm going to butter the insides with helmen's mayonnaise.

    Cutting that big 'ol omelet in half, with melted cheese, I'm gonna place both half's on both breads. Then I'm gonna put two slices of tomato on each.

    Close em up, pour a nice cold glass of passion juice and enjoy.

    awwwww crap!! ran out of cooking gas!!!  >:(  why now??

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