System Logs: Firewall - what does 'block' do?

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    I'm using 2.0 .

    at the system log , firewall tab  - there is an 'Act' column .

    If I click on  the  red x   ,  it will do a  block .

    does that block logging for that type of report ,, or produce a firewall block rule?

    I assume that it just blocks logging , but have assumed wrong things before.

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    The action icon depicts the action taken on the connection, but hover over the link for a text description if you are not sure what the icon means. Clicking on the icon will produce a box that shows which rule caused the connection to be blocked.

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  • The symbol in the column "Act" shows you, what happened to the connection. If you click on this symbol, you will get the rule, which caused this action.

    If you click on the red/green symbol with the little black plus, this IP will be added to an Alias and this Alias will be added to your firewall rules.

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