IPSEC backdoors for FBI Monitoring? oops!

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    Hello Theo,

    Long time no talk.  If you will recall, a while back I was the CTO at
    NETSEC and arranged funding and donations for the OpenBSD Crypto
    Framework.  At that same time I also did some consulting for the FBI,
    for their GSA Technical Support Center, which was a cryptologic
    reverse engineering project aimed at backdooring and implementing key
    escrow mechanisms for smart card and other hardware-based computing

    My NDA with the FBI has recently expired, and I wanted to make you
    aware of the fact that the FBI implemented a number of backdoors and
    side channel key leaking mechanisms into the OCF, for the express
    purpose of monitoring the site to site VPN encryption system
    implemented by EOUSA, the parent organization to the FBI.  Jason
    Wright and several other developers were responsible for those
    backdoors, and you would be well advised to review any and all code
    commits by Wright as well as the other developers he worked with
    originating from NETSEC.

    This is also probably the reason why you lost your DARPA funding, they
    more than likely caught wind of the fact that those backdoors were
    present and didn't want to create any derivative products based upon
    the same.

    This is also why several inside FBI folks have been recently
    advocating the use of OpenBSD for VPN and firewalling implementations
    in virtualized environments, for example Scott Lowe is a well
    respected author in virtualization circles who also happens top be on
    the FBI payroll, and who has also recently published several tutorials
    for the use of OpenBSD VMs in enterprise VMware vSphere deployments.

    Merry Christmas…

    Gregory Perry
    Chief Executive Officer
    GoVirtual Education

    "VMware Training Products & Services"

    540-645-6955 x111 (local)
    866-354-7369 x111 (toll free)
    540-931-9099 (mobile)
    877-648-0555 (fax)</deraadt[at]openbsd.org></gregory.perry[at]govirtual.tv>

  • Discussed to death in various online forums last year. I think this post nails it nicely:

    this is FUD if not an outright fraud

    Please at least Google before you start posting old news ;)

  • Well, I didn't know this and it came as a surprise. Besides, December 2010 is 4 months ago. Still smells fresh to me, and with governments ferocious appetite for information and control, this doesn't strike me as "FUD" or "fraud".

    Reality is relative and when the government puts their interpretation of guilt on your innocence, they tend to freeze your assets, lock you up, throw away the key and laugh all the way to the bank, counting your money while CNN and MSNBC gets their cut to make you the criminal of the century, so I'd be VERY careful to simply dismiss this as fraud.

    Allen Stanford is a very good example of what envy can have done to an otherwise innocent man.

    I'll post something a bit more timely next time. thanks.

  • The article is also trying to spin mountains out of molehills. ISTR that nothing conclusive was found, other than the fact that the code that was being called into question had been through 10 years of changes since. There has been nothing found to support the allegations.

    Healthy paranoia isn't wrong and I'd certainly suggest anybody concerned by these allegations do their own reading and investigation. I just wouldn't recommend taking anything like this at face value without checking the actual facts.

  • Well, true. Checking the facts is always a very good idea too. I'm not at all concerned either way because as one NATO officer puts it…they've got warehouse size buildings with Cray supercomputers dedicated to this and you honestly think your little email with your little PGP keys have not been decoded and sent on it's merry little way? (Speaking in terms ofcourse)

    And who knows, unless you check the facts, that code could have changed to make the man in the middle become the man in between..just saying. Ofcourse these are all allegations...as always.


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