Stuck reloading filters…

  • This is usually the beginning of the end…
    Several times I reconfigured a test pfSense box from scratch. I usually an update to a new snapshot for a while, but eventually things happen, what they are I don't know, but the result is the same:

    a) suddenly after upgrading to a new snapshot the system will be stuck at installing packages (hard drive logo), which I may be able to kill eventually with the```

    b) trying to reinstall all packages fizzles out somewhere, mostly with

    Reloading filter...
    This operation may take quite some time, please be patient.  Do not press stop or attempt to navigate away from this page during this process.

    where it will continue to sit for hours, days, etc. until I finally lose patience and close the window.
    Usually once this stage is reached, things tend not to get better ;)
    On occasion I notice that if I hit the return key in the console, things continue (gee: Why do things started from the console expect input on the console?) One time hitting the return key in the console didn't only just magically continue the process, but I was even prompted for input about overriding permissions of a file created in /tmp:

    Bootup complete
    override rw-r--r--  root/whell for /tmp/config.cache?

    And system startup continued to the console menu after I confirmed this.
    What's going on?
    I also suspect that there's no mechanism in place to retry or just time out (within a reasonable time period) operations if there are minor connectivity glitches, meaning if the WAN isn't perfect (e.g. 3G connection) and a request isn't immediately successful, things just hang in limbo without retrying or giving up with a meaningful error message and a means to retry later.
    The reason I suspect this, is because I have a glitchy internet connection, which is why I want to replace the router with a pfSense box (default route goes over a tunnel), but I need to have some confidence first that things don't go from bad to worse, and these regularly hosed test setups don't help the cause.
    Two more things:
    a) this is on an amd64 platform
    b) when I manually reload the filters, it is stuck forever at```
    Checking for nat PF hooks in package /usr/local/pkg/
    ```Maybe that's a clue?

  • looks like the Freeswitch package is breaking something.

  • @cmb:

    looks like the Freeswitch package is breaking something.

    Not saying you're wrong, but how do you know? Similar issues on a system you're using?

    Somewhat of a bummer, since the FreeSwitch package is one of the reasons I decided to go with pfSense rather than e.g. Vyatta (although their bait&switch policies as to what is or isn't included in the CE version didn't help their cause, either).

    I'll try removing FreeSwitch and see if that helps (hope I won't have to reinstall from scratch yet again…)

    Is there a board where the FreeSwitch package development is being discussed, or has the development of that package come to an end somehow?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I don't think the FreeSWITCH package supports amd64 yet, it could be the cause of some of the issue.

    You might not be so quick to open multiple threads with the same error messages/issues. No telling how many of them are related. I already answered some of this on,35827.msg185150.html#msg185150

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