Single Drive Install

  • I have an old laptop which does not have a CD, nor a Floppy and it does not support booting from USB. (CD and Floppy were originally provided in a docking station, which I don't have).

    So I can only boot from the C: drive.

    By removing the HD and using a USB adapter on a second computer, I have tried copying the ISO files to the HD, but after putting it back into the laptop, it will not boot. (Asks for a media to be inserted in the drive).

    I have been able to set up FreeDos and get that to boot to a c: prompt.

    But I am stumped at this point. How can I get pfSense (pfSense-2.0-RC1-i386-20110226-1530) to run the setup routines?

    Or should I be approaching this differently?


  • @Snowman58:

    Or should I be approaching this differently?


    • Put the laptop's hard drive in another computer.

    • Use the other computer to install to the laptop hard drive.

    • Boot off the hard drive to verify the install completed.

    • Move the hard drive back to the laptop, boot and configure.

  • Worked great.

    Couldn't swap the boot HD's since one is SADA and the target HD is IDE, which is what had stopped me from trying this before.

    But pfSense allowed me to install onto the USB drive. When I put that into the laptop, it booted up fine.

    Thanks - Slapping forehead!

  • @Snowman58:

    Worked great.

    Spoke too soon, the boot hangs after: "ppc0: SPP ECP".

    Searched the forum, but did not find any relevant threads.

    Solved the hanging problem - Changed parallel port in BIOS to STD.

    But now getting Error Messages:
      GEOM: ad0s1: geometry does not match label (255h,63s != 16h,63s)

    Off to search for new error messages!

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