Static routes and Policy Based Routing do not work on Pfsense 2.0

  • Hi,

    I have a Pfsense 2.0 box setup (upgraded from 1.2.3) with 2 Nic (WAN and LAN)

    The WAN IP is , the LAN IP is
    On the WAN side there are 2 gateways (adsl routers) configured: (default gw) and (2nd gw)

    I can add the 2nd gateway without problem in the 'Gateway' config, and i can also ping (and web access) the 2nd gateway from a PC on the LAN side without error.

    But somehow i cannot route any traffic to the 2nd Gateway.

    I tried both Rule based Policy Based Routing (no errors during config) and also a simple Static Route (also no errors), but the traffic keeps going through the default gateway.
    If i set a static route, it correctly shows up in my routing table.

    What am i doing wrong here? Is this a bug?

    regards, GJ

  • Thanks Francesco,

    I noticed indeed similair problems, but if there is no fix (i cannot see if someone is working on it), is there maybe a manual (console) workarround for it?

    The only thing i want to accomplish is to route some traffic (network or host based) to a specific (not the default) WAN gateway.
    Is'nt that a very basic routing functionality?

    The routing part worked OK in 1.2.3 (as i recall) but i do not really want to downgrade to 1.2.3

    regards GJ

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