NAT and HA proxy order of execution

  • Hi all.

    What order do HA proxy and NAT execute in?

    e.g. I have 2 NAT rules set up (which were working). I have HA proxy installed, and since rebooting the device the NAT is not working.

    I am wondering if the HA proxy is being executed first as when I set a rule to forward www to a specific server in HA proxy it is forwarded.

    I have set up NAT to forward all requests on one IP to a specific server too - it seems to be being ignored.

  • ok, so nat is definately working, as i can see the IIS splash screen when I enter the ip address

    i have turned ha proxy off for now.

    any ideas why the dns wouldn't be resolving? the is set to resolve to the ip address, which is nat'd to the internal box

    what should i check?

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