Shaping seems to be completely broken.

  • I upgraded my office pfsense box to 2.0-RC and I have been loading the daily builds a couple times a week.
    My biggest issue I am running into is that the Traffic Shaper interface appears to be completely broken. The wizards complete and show some rules but I can't assign any IP addressed or ports to shape on. I can't delete or add any queues.

    Am I missing somthing or is the shaper just broken. If not how do I clear things out of it and do shaping with it. The Remove Shaper button does nothing. This just does not make any sense. I have loaded this build on my test unit as well and the shaper is not working there either.

  • Another Item. Both systems being tested were nanoBSD upgrades from 1.2.3. I don't know if that makes any difference or not.

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