BSD Help? (solved)

  • I understand that pfsense is based on freebsd, but I also understand that things are "trimmed" out to keep the overall size small, as well as secure. With this in mind, how do I eject a cd-rom in pfsense? I've tried commands that work in freebsd, but they are not recognized.

    I ask this because my 3g modem uses zerocd, which until it is ejected (or disabled using AT commands, which do not seem to work for my model) will not open up ports to be used by the modem/pfsense.

  • Solution found on another thread after lots of searching.,32781.0.html

    I ended up just running a live linux cd (ubuntu) and ejecting the device. It now shows up with three ports, which I'm trying out as I write this.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You could also copy the "cdcontrol" command from a FreeBSD 8.1 box and use it on the firewall.

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