Squid Log External Source

  • Hi,

    i want my squid logs another external area, such as windows share or ftp address..

    Plan :

    • install ftp server to pfsense.
    • use ftp client access pfsense files and download files.

    i want this perodically.
    i want rename all logs such as access.log to  access20110418.log

    all must happen auto.

    can this happen ?

    so it is an open source, it must be, but how :D

  • Try reversing your idea. pfsense can connect to an ftp server.
    So write a script and get cron (install it through packages) to run it to move the files off to an existing ftp server. Much neater and safer than installing stuff on the firewall and the script can be run on as many boxes as you like.

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