Anyone having issues with connections timing out?

  • I recently updated our production firewalls to 2.0. While I was running on 1.2.3, we've had a Cisco VPN Concentrator (it's a 3000 series, one of the older models before the new ASAs) that creates an IPSec tunnel to an Easy VPN Server. I've always assigned this device a 1:1 NAT

    While running 1.2.3, the IPSec tunnel for this device stays up almost indefinitely. I rarely, if ever, had to restart the tunnel and that was usually due to a power loss. However, with 2.0 the connection stays active for about an hour or so and then resets. I've seen similar issues with a client to server VPN (type of VPN is unknown, it's somewhat proprietary) and I even think downloading a large file (Fedora Core 14 DVD) hung.

    Is anyone else seeing any issues of this nature? Unfortunately one of the VPNs I discussed above is considered mission critical and only tends to connect for about 5 minutes, so I'll have to roll back to 1.2.3 (which means no OpenVPN client exporter…) if I can't figure out what's going on here.


  • I am seeing this issue also. When I fire up my Cisco VPN client from home, which is behind a 2.0-RC2 pfSense box and connects to a Cisco VPN device at work, everything works but then eventually slows down and times out. Running a continuous ping to a server at work shows that latency spikes, then up to 5 pings do not receive a reply, then responses are received again, only for the behavior to repeat.

    If I connect to my 4G MiFi or take pfSense out of the loop and use my Airport Extreme as a router, my connectivity is stable.

    What can I do to file a bug and help get this issue resolved?

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