FW Upgrade or reboot (unsure) breaks PFsense

  • Having an odd problem here.

    Running a 3 WAN, 2 LAN PFSense box on an older P3, 384MB RAM, all 3c905 NICs.
    Packages installed:

    Was running RC1 for some time off of a February build.  Decided to upgrade the firmware to the latest snapshot.  System upgraded, or so it seemed.  Rebooted.  Console looks normal, shows the correct IPs for everything, even the DHCP WAN connection obtained an IP.  Not passing traffic of any kind on the LANs.  Couldn't even get back into the webconfigurator.    Tried re-setting the IPs, no dice.  Tried restoring to factory settings.  Still doesn't work.

    Pulled out the spare router and have the network running on that…

    So I reinstalled using the Feb build CD I have.  Went through the motions.  Upgraded.  Rebooted.  And same exact thing happened.    Any ideas?  Going back to 1.2.3 for now, but really would like 2.x for traffic-shaping this multi-wan beast.

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    Start by removing all packages, see if it works with a basic config. If it does, start adding packages back one by one until it stops again.

  • I just saw similar behavior on an alix system I have at home with a brand new bare bones configuration.

    Jim, as you may remember from another thread I had suspected my CF was going bad.  So I got a new one but I hadn't done anything with it yet.  Well I got home last night to a dead router.  We had lost power during the day and the router didn't come back up.  Thinking that the CF finally just gave up the ghost.  I went ahead and flashed my new CF with the newest 2G nano image.  Configured the interfaces which include 2 vlan's up stairs then hooked it up in the basement as my network firewall.  It was working fine at this point after the power cycle.  Then before configuring the firewall and nat rules I noticed that there was a new build available so I figured I might as well get it fully up to date before going through and configuring it any further.  The update appeared to work but the unit never came back after it rebooted itself.  I believe my original image was from April 21 mid-afternoon like 4:00ish and the update image was from April 21 8:00ish but don't quote me on that.

    I haven't yet hooked up to the serial port to see if I can see what's going on with the box yet.  But since I wasn't that far into the configuration I was just planning on re-imaging the CF again as I thought it was just a fluke until I saw this thread.  Maybe there's something here or I just have a dying alix box and it wasn't the CF card.

    I noticed that I put April 22nd as the date for the images and it was supposed to be the 21st so I've corrected that.

  • Today I finally had time to re-flash a clean image to the CF and then upgraded and it survived the reboot.  So it was either a bad update or fluke but things seem to be working normally now for me.

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