Dns is deadstill?! Safe for use on production riiighhht!

  • Just reset to factory settings on latest code and still don't have any dns resolution of any kind! All dns queries time out using any combination of valid dns servers, even disabled dns forwarder and installed inbound package! Every third reboot it hangs and says msk0 no phy found? Wtf? This image was working beautiful like 2 weeks ago? Is there Amy way I can update to a month old snapshot?

  • Sorry to hear that, but these things do happen.

    Did you try a clean install? Did you have any packages installed that could have been responsible for your problems? Was it working before? Has anything besides, the upgrades changed? In General settings, have you selected the Gateway to forward DNS requests? Have you tried hooking up a laptop or some other system directly to your internet premise equipment and does the DNS work? Have you checked the logs for errors?

    I understand how upset, and frustrated you must be, but 2.0 is almost there and without real world problems to expose these oversights, and what not, 2.0 wouldn't be the awesome young lady she is right now.

  • Search here for an older snapshot and do a new full installation:

  • very true… did a full re-install from a month old snapshot this morning and everything is back to working as normal.. thanks for the help guys... i usually don't run beta on production but as soon as we got to rc-1 i figured why not do some testing and help out as i love this project so much... but whooooo i'm never doing that again... not on production anyway.

  • The "msk0 no phy found" is your issue, the msk driver has never changed as long as we've been on FreeBSD 8.1 (~1 year) so that's not resolving your issue. Apparently something with your NICs, or in combination with that driver is occasionally flaky.

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