Dual WAN test setup with identical GW not possible?

  • I'll trying to use a pfsense in a dual wan pppoe dialin situation. Since I'd never had a dual wan installation, it would be nice to have a test installation. I will test it with 2.0 RC1 … but i have no pppoe dailin scenario ... i have to test it with static IPs!

    It thought first, this should not be a real problem, but when i'm trying to setup OPT1 to static IP, its not possible to configure the same gateway which is used in WAN. Also i can't setup a second gateway with same IP as the existing gateway! Is it not possible to test this? I want to avoid to drive 250km to customers location to perform a operational test "at open body" ...

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Having two links with the same gateway doesn't work. In the future it's something that would be nice to solve, but currently there is no way to make it work properly.

  • i think its possible if you will make your modem / router to router mode (the modem is the one that dials PPPoe) and leases a static IP

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