NAT specific port to different virtual IP not working?

  • im trying to do outbund nat from my internal smtp gateway to using its own virtual wan ip (carp)
    The problem is that the later rule for general outbound nat for the serverlan takes precedence…

    $ pfctl -s nat
    nat-anchor "natearly/" all
    nat-anchor "natrules/
    " all
    nat on em4 inet from to any port = smtp -> x.x.152.181 port 25   <--- Not working, it turns into x.x.152.185 when it talks port 25 to the internet
    nat on em4 inet from to any -> x.x.152.181 static-port
    nat on em4 inet from to any -> x.x.152.185 port 1024:65535  <--- this one seems to take precedence?
    nat on em4 inet from to any -> x.x.152.179 port 1024:65535

    Is the order wrong? I thought that it was based on a first match basis?
    Any insights to this is appreciated :)

    Im running 2.0rc1 build april 18


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Look at Diagnostics > States the next time you try a connection, and post what the state for the connection in question looks like.

    It is first-match-wins, but something may not be matching that rule.

  • Thanks for the tip. Seemed to be something with the inbound NAT rule that messed it up… Had source port range defined and for some reason that messed up the outbound NAT
    Anywho problem solved now, thanks :)

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