Turn off gateway monitoring when not using multiple WAN gateways

  • I am currently using '2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Tue Apr 19 23:03:17 EDT 2011' but this behavior seemed to be the same in older builds as well.  On the System:Gateways page I have 2 gateways entered- one for the default WAN gateway and the other is on the LAN side.  The gateway on the LAN side is so that I can add static routes to pfSense to tell it how to get to other LAN subnets to which pfSense is not directly connected.  I have seen via tcpdump on this LAN-side gateway that pfSense is constantly pinging it which I assume is for the gateway monitoring feature.  Since this second gateway is not for load balancing or failover I was hoping there'd be a way to stop the constant icmp requests.

  • It's for monitoring and quality graph. No way to disable it at this time short of hacking the source yourself.

  • I too have an internal router and to stop the ping I use RIP to distribute the routing information so no need for a internal gateway.

    Just a thought!.

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