Gateway weight won't change…

  • I just finished setting up pfSense for the first time (amazing work everyone who has taken time… You have made me amazing in the eyes of my CEO).

    I am running 2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Tue Apr 19 23:03:17 EDT 2011  which is the latest available version at this time.

    I have 3 WAN a 10MBps T1, 6MBps up 1.5 Down DSL, and a 1.5MBps T1. I have them grouped all on Tier1.

    I have one WAN... however since I had three different subnets a and I only had 4 working NIC's on the pfsense hardware so I decided to leave my current CentOS router up which pretty much just forwards packets.

    So the lan is assigned to the subnet. I changed the default gateway on my original router from my old Cisco ASA device to this new pfsense box, and I created two static routes for my other networks that go to my old router. I had some issues with Automatic NAT not working but I manually NATted it and it worked.

    However, since there are such big differences in the bandwidth per line but my CEO doesn't want the other lines to go to waste I researched and found the weight feature.

    I was able to change the weight on both my 6Mbps DSL and 1.5Mbps T1. I set the DSL to 3 the 1.5MBps to 1 and I was trying to set my 10mbps to 4 or 5. However, the 10mbps T1 just keeps resetting to 1. So for now I have them all set at 1 so that way the 10mbps line is receiving some use.

    Once again thank you to everyone who reads this and another thank you to anyone who is able to answer my question.

  • Well thanks again for all of your replies…

    Anyways I figured it out. I don't know how but one of my gateways was in the XML file twice... While one of them was configured with the weight I wanted. The other one (apparently the one being used by pfsense) was stuck with a weight of 1. It was missing the opening <weight>and just had</weight> so I'm guessing it defaulted to 1 even though it didn't have a value there.

    So anyways not that anyone was looking into this but figured I'd edit it as resolved in case someone else has the same glitch.

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