Two pfSense routers cut my access to SSHd

  • Hi everyone,

    I have two pfsense routers that supply and to each of the two interfaces on my CentOS server. The moment I connect both cables to eth0 and eth1 on the server I can't connect SSH. Is this a binding issue?

    I mean this server is running HTTPd, SSHd, NTPd, Red5, blah blah blah,,,,I can't take the time to bind each and every one of them to both the IP addresses. Is there an easy way of doing this?


  • Binding should be to all IPs by default, unless you've changed that on the server in which case you'll have to go in and change every service. I would expect you would lose access to one interface or the other because of the routing complications dual homing induces, though both would work from the same subnet. If the services are inaccessible from both IPs you have something weird going on with the server (host firewall maybe?).

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