X500 conversion from Compact Flash to HD

  • Ok Forum Members,
    I converting my x500 from compact flash to a 250 GB sata hard disk.  I got the drive mounted in the x500.  I am trying to get my sata converter up and running.  Once that is done the hard part is working.  From there I have been reading the forum and I am confused as to what my next steps are.

    My main purpose is to put monitoring in place.  My daughters password got hacked and her account got exposed so I am doing a full install of a few products to protect my family safety.

    Can you all point me to the right articles to help me get it put togethor correctly.  I like to get it up and runng very soon.

    Ron Carter

  • It rather depends on what was hacked.  If it's trojan or virus on her computer, a firewall is not likely to help as much as a solid security software with integrated firewalling features.  Fortinet has a free version of their firewall/ anti-virus/ spyware (Forticlient Endpoint Security Suite).
    That might be more suitable (notifies you when a software on the computer has suspicious activity) since you won't need to make very strict/ hardcore rules on the NAT router that might cause more problems than what you need to solve.

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    So you are switching to a full install on HD, presumably so that you can access the full selection of packages. I would think you want to try HAVP and perhaps Snort. Though as Dreamslacker says I don't think having those installed would have helped your daughter.


  • I agree it might not have helped, but I trying to get the procedure down to convert the x500 from flash to a HD.  I got the HD and converted it from SATA to IDE.

    What is my next step.  Do I need to connect a plug for a keyboard.  Do I add a video adapter.  I trying to get do to procedures so I can complete my migration.


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    Ah, in that case here's what I would do (though I've never tried it!).
    Install the hd in a standard PC, boot from the pfsense cd and do a full install. Then go into the web gui and tick the 'serial console' option. Now transfer the HD into your firebox and hope it boots. You'll have to then reassign the NICs in the console.
    I think most of that is explained in the very long firebox thread.


    Edit: Yep, in the first post. You'll have to edit fstab as well to reflect the new hd connection.

  • I have read alot of that and was wondering if I needed to do the keyboard modification and use a vga adapter in the pci slot so that I can setup the bios.  I just want to make sure I am not missing anything.

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    Well you can try my suggestion above without having to do any hardware mods.
    Another possibility is to copy your config.xml file from your cf card onto your hd before you install it.
    Yet another option would be to do what I did for bios access on the x-peak box which has no pci slot so vga console is not possible. See the x-peak thread for that adventure.
    However I'm not sure you need bios access on the x-core box, reading through the first pages of the thread it looks as though it should boot from a hd without changes.


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