Hosts do not go to internet..using vlans

  • I testing pfsense 2.0 RC1, on server dell r210, i resolved nic igb problems thanks to this Forum, but i have other problem, sometimes the hosts not connecting to internet (i have configured vlans and i using extreme switch 450x), to connect host, i have entry on pfsense web page and change any value in DNS Forwarding and save it.  Im not sure if a problem is in pfsense but…i ask to experts.

    _________________            __________
    hosts vlan1 ----- |switch extreme    | -----  |pfsense 2.0| ---- Internet ADSL
    hosts vlan2 ----- |submmit 450 _____|          |__________| ----  Internet IDE

    the pfsense have 3 nics, two receive internet (WAN and OPT1) and the other (LAN) is connected to the switch. over LAN nic is configured vlan1(LAN) and vlan2, also DHCP service is configured in both. the hosts of both vlans receibe DHCP information correctly, but only hosts vlan1 connect to internet directly, the vlan2 hosts i have enter to pfsense web page to do described above.

  • Your firewall rules on VLAN2 are correct ? If VLAN1 works, try to use the same rules on VLAN2.
    Check out, if the DHCP for VLAN2 offers the correct DNS and Gateway.
    Try to ping the VLAN2 IP address and see if this works.

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