Captive Portal per User Bandwidth limits from RADIUS ignored

  • Hi, Sorry if I've missed some stuff in this posting but this my first here so please be kind :-)

    I am testing pfSense 2.0 to replace a Captive Portal configuration based on DD-WRT Chilli-Spot that will be used in a number of locations.
    The current Captive Portal (Chilli-Spot) is working with RADIUS authentication and uses the WISPr bandwidth control attributes.
    So obviously I have configured pfSense to using RADIUS authentication and per user bandwidth.

    I have found that the bandwidth control values provided by RADIUS seem to be ignored and that speed tested connections going through
    pfSense run at the full speed of the connected network. In order to test that the rest of the configuration was ok for per user bandwidth limits
    I have tested with Captive Portal authentication set to Local and none. In both cases the default band width configured on the Captive Portal
    page is honoured on a speed test. I have run a network trace to verify that the correct WISPr vendor ID and attributes are in use.

    Have I missed something?
    Thanks for your help.

    Using pfSense 2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Tue Apr 19 23:03:17 EDT 2011

  • Show your CP configuration since that is important and also if possible a packet trace from the response of the radius with the WISPr attributes in it.

  • I dont have access to the trace data until next Tuesday.
    However, it is the same RADIUS server that was used with the Chilli-spot config which is currently working.
    The RADIUS server is hosted at
    The Vendor ID was the WISPr ID (14122)
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up was set to 1024000 (defined as 1000 k dn on
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down was set to 102400 (defined 100 k up on
    I will try to post a copy of the CP Config here too.

  • I have the config as a PDF which the forum will not let me attach, I have saved the pages as JPGs but the forum says they are too big.
    I can e-mail it to you.
    The config option are set as follows (if you are willing to trust me);
    RADIUS secrets removed!

    Services, Captive Portal
    Enable - check
    Interface - LAN
    Idle timeout 15
    Hard timeout blank
    After auth redir URL
    Disable concurrent logins - checked
    Disable MAC filtering - checked
    Enable per-user bandwidth restrictions - checked
    Download 2048, Upload 512
    RADIUS auth - checked
    Primary IP -
    secret - xxxxxxxxx
    Secondary IP -
    secret - xxxxxxxxx
    Send RADIUS accounting packets - checked
    Reauth connected users every minute - checked
    Accounting updates - Interim updates
    Use RADIUS Session-Timeout attribute - checked

  • pfSense recognizes these attributes from WISPr

    otherwise it seems correct

  • So do we have a bug here?

  • Without a packet trace i cannot tell.
    Also an 'ipfw show' and 'ipfw pipe show' output might help.
    also a 'ipfw table all list' output.

  • As I mentioned before, the trace shows;
    The Vendor ID was the WISPr ID (14122)
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Up was set to 1024000 (defined as 1000 k dn on
    WISPr-Bandwidth-Max-Down was set to 102400 (defined 100 k up on
    But I understand why would will not take this as true without an actual trace.
    Its Easter weekend in the UK but I can try to get the hardware together t run a test and get a trace.
    Apart from the 'ipfw' commands, is the anything else that will help?
    Seeing as I've got to get the hardware together for the trace I'd like to cover off anything else that will track it down.
    Could you point me at where the code is that handles the dynamic pipe creation so I can read it through.


    Heh that is your issue.
    pfSense by default assumes Kbit/s so you have to scale that value to take this into consideration.
    Meaning you have to divide that value by 1024 or 1000 depending on preference.

  • I just committed this fix.
    You wait for it in the next snapshot or apply manually.
    It should fix your issues.

    Thank you for the information.

  • Ah so it was a bug!

  • I was so impressed by the speed of the fix, even if you were a bit odd about my offer to help, that
    I got together all the hardware I would need to test, and it works!
    Thanks for that. I'd like to see CheckPoint or Cisco move that fast!

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