PPPOE on WAN Dropping

  • I have a SpeedStream Modem, connected to my pfSense 2.0RC1 Box on the WAN.
    Current ISP is Bell Canada, DSL with a Static IP.
    Been running with same settings fine on 1.2.3 Release, for months.
    2.0 RC1 Is a Fresh Install.

    Every 24 - 48 Hours the connection just seems to drop, without coming back up, although it seems to keep the IP address and no traffic is getting through.

    Setup another customer with Bell DSL, and a Dynamic address having the same issue.

    Dropping the DSL connection by powering off the modem, seems to fix it, although I haven't tried much else, as I haven't really had time to experiment.

    Any help would be appreciated, but I may just be going back to 1.2.3 for now.

  • I can confirm this issue too.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I'm on PPPoE and mine stays up for days/months at a time. There may be something specific about your provider or setup.

    Please provide the system logs from when the connection is dropped and when the reconnect fails, etc. The <ppps>section of your config may also be helpful, you can remove or mask the username and password of course.</ppps>

  • I will try to do some debugging, but these are production FWs. My setup is based on VLANs (pppoe if is vlan if). I have problems with 2 FWs and they have same pppoe ISP. I can see in redmine "Feature #1431: PPPoE LQR Echo" but I am not sure is it connected with our case. Problem started maybe 10-15 days ago. When that happens, on interface status page, pppoe if seems up. I need catch this situation again so I can be more helpful.

  • I think I have found problem:
    Somehow in interface/assign pppoe interface has not been assigned to any physical if (vlan if). I had these log entries:
    Apr 21 23:06:34 ppp: [opt3_link0] Link: DOWN event
    Apr 21 23:06:34 ppp: [opt3_link0] PPPoE node for link is not initialized
    Apr 21 23:06:34 ppp: [opt3_link0] PPPoE: Skipping link "opt3_link0" with undefined interface
    Apr 21 23:06:34 ppp: [opt3_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 9564
    Apr 21 23:06:30 ppp: [opt3_link0] Link: reconnection attempt 9564 in 4 seconds

    This recent post was helpful: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,35475.0.html
    Hope this was causing  problems

  • Still there is, I think, old bug confusing friendly IF name an real name:
    By default pppoe IF is assigned to real if name ex. re0_vlan58, but in "interfaces/assing/PPPs" I can choose only friendlily name ex. OPT3, and than it does not work and I have above log entries.
    As a workaround I disabled OPT3 IF and deleted it. Than I deleted entries in interfaces/assing/PPPs and auto-created gateway in system/routing . Than I recreated pppoe IF and everything looks fine for now (ppp log without errors)

  • I can confirm this issue, it also affects the ISP that I am using. Disconnects every 8 minutes :(

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