TinyDNS issue on 1.2.3-RELEASE

  • Hello all,

    I've been using TinyDNS for a while now, on pfsense version 1.2.2.
    I'm using the failover functionnality and it's working like a charm.
    I can see in the tinydns_status.php page (failover status) the correct output that looks like that:

    IP                 Status         In Service         Response time
      |->         UP           YES                 15.722
              |-> UP             NO                 22.107

    Here is my problem now:

    I'm using a newer pfsense box, running 1.2.3-RELEASE and tinydns version

    I've set up the same kind of confugration, with dns failover.

    The status page shows both IPs as not in service, although the dns requests are answered correctly :

    IP                 Status         In Service         Response time
      |->         UP           NO                 15.722
              |-> UP           NO             22.107

    I considered it as a minor bug until the DNS server stopped answering requests for some unknown reasons.

    I don't know if there is a link between the "crash" and the fake status.

    Actually, when I had the issue, I upgraded to, I was running

    But the status page still worries me.

    Thanks for your help if you have any idea why tinydns would consider the IP has "not in service".

    Best regards.

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