Traffic Shaping in 2.0RC (x86) and uTorrent with a NAT port forward

  • As the title indicated, I've setup a port forward for uTorrent which works perfectly, but I cant get it in the right queue.  Right now the traffic keeps going to default no matter what I do.  I edited the rule that the NAT port forward created to put it on the qP2P queue, and I've tried adding it to the floating rules (one for incoming, one for outgoing, and variations of) but have had no luck.

    I used the wizard to set up the queues/shaping, so they are petty close to the default with exception that i did lower the priorty of the qP2P que.

    I am NOT using upnp and have upnp disabled.  uTorrent has confirmed that I am connectable so the port forward is working correctly.

    Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated!

  • uTorrent uses uTP which is a UDP based transport protocol to transfer files now.  The port forward mainly only affects the handshaking process (DHT and initiate connection establishing).  Hence, most of the actual file transfer actually takes place in random UDP ports which your rules are not catching.

  • thanks.  that leads to 1 more question though.  if i check off the p2p catch all in the wizard will that catch it then?  as i understand it if it doesn't meet a specific rule, it will get put into the catagory by default then (instead of the default queue).

    i did try it, but it didnt work either.

    the wizard has some issues too with an 80% rule, i see thats been discussed on the forum already though.  i just switch to a different unit/rate and back to % and it goes away.

  • i set it up manually and it seems to work well now.  set the default as lowest and all my torrents are going there, and elevated priority through the floating rules for services i use (ie html, pop3, etc)

    anyone looking for a read on traffic shaping should give this a go, helped me alot:

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