Traffic shaping to penelize single IP

  • Hi Everyone,

    I tick marked the Pemalize IP to lower bandwidth on specific end point and went through the Traffic Shapnig Wizard. But in Status I am getting this only and no data or proper graph showing what is exactly happening. This is frozen here for ever. What was done wrong?


  • Anything on this guys? I am suffering here :-) Please help. Following images show the high level of upload that I want to cap. There is also a picture of the queue and my settings.

    Above IP should be limited to 300 UP and 1.5MB down. However, it simply doesn't work and keeps uploads at 700kbps :-(

    Please tell me how to diagnose this.

  • For other reference, I am announcing Penalize IP as doesn't work since no one really responded to my posts on this. I guess no one uses it and it's a broken module.

    I wasn't able to get to work.

  • You'd probably have more luck if you'd posted in the Traffic Shaping forum, rather than the General one.

  • It does not seem like your traffic shaper is even initialized properly.

    Have you tried re-running the shaper wizard?

    If all else fails, you can set the queues and rules manually.

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