Boot/install options without cracking case

  • I've got a pfsense cluster on a couple 1U P4 + hard drive systems.  I'd like to reinstall the new stable release (still running an old .8x release) without having to crack open the case.  They don't have cdrom drives or anything, they are designed for appliance type use.

    1. can I boot from a external USB cdrom and install to the HD? (last I checked freebsd was still having problems here)
    2. can I boot from a usb flash memory stick and install to the HD?
    3. can I boot from a PXE server and install to the HD?

    These cases are not designed to run with the lid cracked (the cover is used as part of the cooling) so I'm trying to figure out a way to install pfsense on these things without having to dangle a cdrom drive from the outside.

  • Cool, it looks like Bao is still doing USB key bootable images.

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