Simple Traffic Shaping for VOIP

  • Been reading/looking for answers for a while but still unclear.

    I have a simple home setup with a Linksys PAP2 device doing SIP for my phone.
    I just want to guarantee some bandwidth, up and down, say 100K, for this traffic.
    The wizard asks for max bandwidth up/down but this can vary a lot, especially the down.

    If I put these limits in and set my down to 10M, which is my provider guarantee, will I not limit my total BW down to 10M?
    I am typically higher than 10M, sometimes as high as 30M.
    Am I correct in assuming that by asking for 100K for VOIP, I need to define my maximums which limits my max?

    Is there an alternative way to do this which would be better?
    Can I just assign a high priority, always, to VOIP, up and down, always higher than all other traffic?


  • Don't bother trying to shape the inbound voip traffic - you have no real control over that.  Try to set a reasonable guess for the uplink speed and prioritize the voice traffic…

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