• Hi Everyone,

    I have been trying to penalize an IP with lots of traffic to only use 300kbps upload but I have been failing. Can someone please give me the EZshaper section of your shaper that penalize a single IP (e.g. for upload to 300kbps and for download to 2000kbps?

    ***I have tried the wizard multiple times using the Penalize IP section but I see see the specific IP using 700kbps upload contineously 24/7 so it's not working for me hence asking for your WORKING/TESTED configs.

    Much appreciated.

  • This is for pfsense version 1.2.3 and not related to 2.0. Please move back to proper board.

    Or, do you want to say that Penalize IP is broken totally in pfSense 1.2.3?