Full Backup (config files, certificates, etc…)

  • Hello,

    I searched over the forum, pfSense wiki, without really finding an answer.

    Let me explain :

    Indeed, my pfSense boxes are VM ones : no worry about backup :).

    But, for one of them, the box is a physical one.

    I'd like to know which way do you advice to make a real full backup (config+files). But it induces next question : is there an easy way to restore it in order it works immediately ?

    If certs/files restore needs post-configuration, a full backup isn't a benefit.

    Thank you very much for your suggestions.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's really only necessary to keep the config.xml. All of the settings are held there. You can reinstall and restore the config and it should be back to its former state.

  • Thank you very much jimp  ;D !!!

    In fact, i had a remember (at least in a previous pfSense version) to need to backup manually EasyRSA files, etc..

    But, didn't think about the upgrades done on 2.0 :) !

    Thank you : i tested & it worked like a charm :) !