• I'm out of slots on my pfsense box, need to add another lan to my network.

    I'm trying to do a vlan I think I'm going about it the wrong way.

    I have GS105E 5 port switch which is vlan capable, I configured it as this

    PORT 1,2 > vlan 1 > 24 port layer 2 switch
    PORT 3,4,5 > vlan 2 > patch panel > 3 different switches.

    in pfsense:

    The LAN interface currently holds xl1 nic

    I want to assign all vlans to xl1 as the parent interface and reassign LAN to vlan 1 and assign Lan 2 to vlan 2.

    but when I do this I lose my connection to the webgui and have to login via the dmz interface.

    How can I do this?

  • Your ports on the 5 Port switch seems for me to be untagged ports.
    If you create vlan1 and vlan2 on the pfsense, then this are tagged ports.

    Try to create a trunk port on the switch which is allowed to handle vlan1 and vlan2 and than connect this port to your pfsense.

    If I am right I think your problem is tagged and untagged ports.

  • Thank you that's exactly what my problem was.

    what I did was I created 3 vlan ids on the switch.
    vlan1 >  1 TAGGED to trunk on opt3 which is the parent interface on pfsense
    vlan2 > 2,3 untagged, add port 1 as tagged to this group
    vlan3 > 4,5 untagged  add port 1 as tagged to this group

    *Note: Not sure If I needed to add port 1 to vlan 2 and 3 but the damn thing is working.

    You may have to login from another interface like wifi or a DMZ.
    What I did...

    Moved xl1 from LAN to opt3, gave IP, NO DHCP server
    Assign vlan2 to LAN  already has and dhcp server enabled
    Made and assign opt4 for vlan3, gave, enabled DHCP server, add rule similar to lan.

    And it works!

  • Now I can't get captive portal to work on LAN2/vlan3.

    If I type the ip and port 8000 I can reach the page but it doesn't redirect to the authorization page.

    How can I fix this?



    Set dns in dhcp server of lan 2 to gateway ip which is

  • Nice to hear!
    Thanks for your feedback. Have fun :-)