• I have configured the pfsense  and the internet is working but when i tried to access the server that have the peachthree db engine it cant access. I see that the firewall rules for LAN are ok by default. Is there any other thing that i can do ?

  • Is this server on the LAN or the WAN? Have you forwarded the required ports and if so can you provide screenshots of the settings?

  • the server is on LAN…

    I dont foward any port before and it works before. But now i make a new installation of pfsense due a hard disk failure and now after reintall pfsense it dont works.

    On previus version we never put ports or something. Because the default lan rule works. But now is not working.

  • Are you trying to connect to it from the LAN (in which case pfSense isn't involved) or the WAN?

  • LAN

  • this is teh default lan rules settings that pfsense have…

  • LAN to LAN traffic doesn't pass through pfSense. Other than providing (possibly) DHCP and DNS services for the LAN at no point is pfSense involved in connections between 2 hosts on the same LAN.

    Does your database server have a fixed IP address or one assigned dynamically (DHCP)? If DHCP then when you replaced the pfSense server it will probably have been given a new IP address.

  • the server have a static ip address.

  • Then you need to work out why you can't connect to the database.

    If you can connect to the server itself then the problem is with the database.

    If you cannot connect to the server then:

    1. You chose a different LAN subnet when you rebuilt pfSense
    2. You have a problem with the server
    3. You forgot to connect it to the network

  • Are you using the ip address of the server or a dns to reach it?

    Just a thought…