• Hello, since i am now running 2.0-RC1 (i386)built on Mon Apr 25 03:43:52 EDT 2011 .
    every time i do an upgrade i lose my Country Block settings. i realize that this is RC. but is there any way to backup my settings to my desktop or the server so i can just restore.
    I did a backup under the option Diagnostics… Backup/Restore... However i do not see my country block settings in there just everything else.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Post in the main countryblock topic for faster response.

    The file you want to backup is /usr/local/www/packages/countryblock/countries.txt

    Just re-upload and over write to restore. Perhaps I will add this to the GUI in the future. Thanks for supporting me and this awesome package!

  • no problem. PFSENSE rocks and i have "turned" at least 3 people onto this and we have been using since 1.2.3 and started testing 2.0 and have not looked back. :)