DHCP and PPPoe on "same" interface

  • Hi!

    I have on Server with two nics.
    The first one is connected to LAN
    The second one to a switch, which is connected to a pppoe modem and a cable modem.

    On this server is running win2003 with vmware server 2.

    My plan is to install two pfSense Virtual Machines.
    Both bridged to LAN interface and to the second interface (WAN).

    Is it possible, that one machine establishes a pppoe connection and the other acquires a IP via DHCP from the cable modem?
    Or is all the traffic going to be confused, so that pppoe packets are sent through the cable modem and vice versa?

    Thank you!

  • With 2.0 you can assign the physical interface and then create on top of it the PPPoE "interface".

    I don't think that the PPPoE frames are transmitted by the cable-modem, since the modem is basically a 2-port switch (bridge) which does (or at least should) not forward traffic not destined to the other side of where it was received.

  • okay, great!

    Then I will give it a try…

    Thank you!

  • it work's so far… :)

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