How to bootup pfsense without cdrom?

  • i have today a fully working setup ,but i want to remove the cdromdrive from the system.
    the harddrive is master and cdromdrive is slave on a ide-channel.
    if i remove the cdromdrive pfsense wont start =( ,says something about mount on a promt: ?!?
    (i have a nehemiah mini-itx mobo)

  • That sounds like the order of the devices changed. Are you sure the cdrom that you remove is not the master?

  • This is normal.

    You really should have installed with the CDROM as SLAVE.

    Either way, edit /etc/fstab and change ad1s1 to ad1s0 and reboot without the CDROM.

    BACK UP YOUR CONFIGURATION BEFORE CHANGING ANYTHING, HOWEVER.  Sorry to blurt that out but I cannot emphasize enough about having proper backups before changes like this.

  • okey  DMESG says also:  ?!?

    ad2: 9768MB <seagate st310014a="" 3.09="">at ata1-master UDMA33
    acd0: CDRW <philips cdrw1610a="" 0.010000="">at ata1-slave UDMA33</philips></seagate>

  • LOL.  You might want to take the time to fix the channels, drive types (master and slave) and simply reinstall.  This is quite messy!

    BUT!  If you must, change /etc/fstab ad2s1 to ad2s0

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