*SOLVED* pfSense 2.0rc1 + Covad DSL PPPoE

    I figured out my problem, wrong password (DOH!)! Someone wrote it down incorrectly. And I found out where the PPP logs are  ::)

    Original message:
    Hello all,
    Long time m0n0wall user that just rigged up a pfSense box at work to replace a dead Linksys/Cisco router.

    Little background of my problem:
    We have two internet connections here at work, a Cable modem that is assigned a non static IP via DHCP and a Covad DSL line with a static IP assigned via PPPoE. The original Linksys router had two WAN ports and was setup so the Cable connection was the primary interface for general internet use (fastest connection). DSL is used as a backup connection and the incoming remote access connection because of its static IP (there is a domain name assigned to that IP). The DSL modem/router is a Netopia 2247-02. The DSL router was directly hooked to the linksys router via ethernet and was using a class C 192.168.x.x address.

    My problem is I am having trouble trying to get the Covad DSL static IP  directly assigned to my pfSense box. I don't want one router in front of the other like the previous setup (for DSL) so I set the netopia to bridged mode and setup the DSL interface on the pfSense box to PPPoE. But I get no connection and worst, no error message. On the Netopia router, there is a drop down box for the connection method and in that box PPPoE LLC/SNAP is the selected protocol. Does pfSense support this connection method?

    Is there a console output of some sort to tell me the status of the connection or error messages? I don't know if the username/password combo is bad (I know it but I want to be 100% sure), the pppoe connection to the covad server is working or if the PPPoE protocol is correct.