Console and web GUI URL update problem

  • I have been upgrading my 2.0 RC snapshot on around a weekly basis.  The last few updates have been problematic, if I choose to update from an URL it downloads at around 5 to 14k and eventually errors out.  This is both from the snapshot server, and if I download and store on my local web server inside the LAN.  If I download from the browser, I get 650K for the file, so I know its not my ISP, I have been working around it by transferring the file via SFTP to the local file system, and then doing an upgrade from the local file.

    Has anyone else seen this, and/or have any ideas on how to resolve it, or suggest what information I need to gather about my system to log an official bug report for it.
    I am currently running pfSense on an ALIX.6E1, installed on a 4G CF, with a Soekris VPN1411 Crypto accelerator miniPCI Card installed.
    I have the blinkled, nut, rrd summary, and squid packages installed.

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    My first suspect would be squid, though that shouldn't affect your browser going to the GUI. It's worth trying it with squid disabled though (or at least have transparent mode disabled)

  • Jimp, guess I wasn't quite clear, the web GUI responds just fine for configuration and viewing status, its only the download of the update from URL that runs slow, it does it both when connected via serial console, and when trying to initiate the update from URL through the web update.  The only way the update succeeds is to first download the update via a web browser, which runs at normal speed, and then upload to the pfSense box.

    Does this process simply use fetch to do the download?

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    Not quite just fetch, though the console update by URL is closer to that.

    Quite a bit more involved in PHP to upload via the GUI, that is usually the one that tends to be the most problematic.

  • I have finally had some time to look more into this, the issue seems to actually be related to the file system, or CF card.  Even though the / and /root are on the same file system, if I use SFTP to transfer a file to /root, the default location for an image file downloaded from the auto-update (when done from the console anyways) I get the slow performance.  My initial tests I was uploading the file manually to the / directory, which does not suffer from the issue.  None of the logs indicate any file system or media errors, but I did however run an fsck / on the system, though it was running and couldn't fix anything, It did show some unreferenced file inodes, and a wrong free block count in the super block.  I will run an fsck against the / filesystem in single user mode tonight and see if that resolves anything anything.
    If it doesn't, does anyone one else have any suggestions on things to check before I restart with a fresh installation?

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    CF is so cheap these days you are probably safest to grab a config backup, ditch that CF, and re-image.

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