Changing ISP on the fly will make pfsense do nothing.

  • I can change my ISP at anytime but pfsense don't notice when I do this on the fly.
    Pfsense should noticed the released DHCP from the Internet Service Provider and perform a new DHCP question to get IP / DNS / GATE.

    I think I have to cron a  ping check and if lost for x min then release and get new ip.

  • As long as the pfSense still is in it's valid lease time, then no it won't request a new one "just because".
    –> The server cannot "release" an IP. Only the client can do that.

  • Is there any alive check in pfsense that I can turn on ?

    Would be great if pfsense would be able to check if internet is down for x min and then release the IP and try to grab a new if it's using DHCP.

  • There is an "alive-check" from the loadbalancer.
    But i'm not aware of anything that resembles the functionality you need.

  • bummer, guess I have to do some bash cron scripting in pfsense to get my function.

  • Its my recollection that DHCP issues a new request for an IP address if the link goes down.  (I'm now using ppp on my WAN link so I can't easily test this.)

    How do you change ISP without the WAN link going down? If changing ISP is something you do "on demand" then couldn't you make "Release pfSense WAN IP address" part of that procedure? Or perhaps cycle the state of the pfSense WAN link.

  • The change of ISP provider is a 1-3 sec thing.

    working with city fiber networks.