Restore 2.0RC1 config from x86 (or amd64) to nano on Alix?

  • Is it possible to take a config which was backed up from a pfSense box running 2.0RC1 on a PC (x86 or amd64) and restore it to a fresh installation of the same or a close snapshot of pfSense 2.0RC1 nanoBSD (1G) running on an Alix box (or something similar using CF storage)?  I took a look at the config files from a PC and from an Alix, both of which have the same snapshot of 2.0RC1 running, and I do see a few differences in the layout/structure of the XML file.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes

  • I'm doing that very thing right now and having all kinds of problems.  After reloading the config from a 32-bit Pentium III machine onto an Alix and rebooting, the bootup takes forever and hangs at "Starting OpenNTP client" and eventually gives up and says it's a lost child.  Then when it finally boots, the dashboard seems to hang and interaction with the web interface in https is very slow overall.  Haven't tried HTTP.

  • Is it possible I have a corrupted configuration that is causing slow performance and my x86 box was simply powerful enough for it to not be noticed?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    More likely is that you do not have the WAN connected. All of those "errors" are just signs that it can't contact the outside world on the WAN interface.

    Either your WAN is not plugged in, or the wrong interface was chosen for WAN when reassigning the interfaces.

    Restoring works fine across platforms, the only thing you might have a problem with is packages, some aren't compatible with NanoBSD.

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