Bandwidth limit for each IP/Host on Pfsense 2.0 with Bridged Interface

  • Hello folks, I am here to ask you for your help to my problems.

    I have this next scenario and I need to limit the bandwidth for my servers on a bridged interface. Here it goes

                             |LAN| ----> Laptop
    ~iNet~   ----->   |WAN|
    ~~~~~                  || -->Bridge DMZ to WAN
                       |                       |                    |
                    ---------         ----------        -----------    ....
                    Server1       Server2            Server3

    So, having that representation now I ask you:
    How could I limit traffic for each and 1 of my servers (upload and download)?

    I've been trying to do it following this tutorial, but with no success.

    I have also read this message that got me even more confused,1384.msg8196.html#msg8196

    So please help me understand all this Traffic Shaping.

    Thank you

    An image representing my structure

  • Forgot to mention that my version is:

    2.0-RC1 (amd64)
    built on Sat Feb 26 18:07:23 EST 2011

  • no1 nada?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's all explained in those other threads. Limiters are what you need to do this.

  • @jimp:

    It's all explained in those other threads. Limiters are what you need to do this.

    Ok, that is where I get to… I have understood that Limiters will give me what I need, I have been trying/testing it but with no success. What I need is a guide of how to apply them. I just want some guidances, no matter if is a 500 pages book or whatever.

    Hope some1 could guide me through this so I can understand better how to work with it.


  • Ok please ignore my last message. I've "read" or better said "overlooked" the for N times, but never like this last time. Until now I was just looking for keywords in that document for what I needed, and didn't read the exact document word by word to fully understand how Limiter works.

    I recommend to any1 that will read this, to read again and this time read it not jump from a word to another… so you can understand how Limiter works and how to apply it.

    Tnx, jimp.

  • But I do still have a question.

    Having in mind that I trying to limit In and Out traffic by Machine/Host/Ip/Server and that

    • I have a bridged DMZ to WAN

    • I have rules filtering anything from wan to my servers, I mean all traffic is filtered from the internet to my servers

    • I have rules filtering anything going from my servers to the internet

    Where exactly should I apply my In/Out rule for my server and in which order? Should it be before any other rules applied to a specific order, or it does not matter?

    Thank you,

  • Hi,

    I think you should use floating rules for this.

    They apply before interface specific rules.



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