Printing Between Subnets - Multiple LAN

  • Hey everyone, I have been fighting with printing between a couple of interfaces for a while and figure it's time to ask for help.  Here's my situation - the basics are that I have 2 interfaces (both physical, no VLANs hosted), with a network printer (HP LaserJet 4650n) on one of them, management consoles, etc on the other.  I can print fine on the local subnet, but I can't print from the other subnet.  My firewall rules allow all traffic in between them and I do not have any NAT configured between them.  But I'm lost as to why this doesn't work - I have tried it with my laptop on both sides with no luck from the Mgmt subnet. subnet  –----- Printer
                | (CARP)
                | - pfSense
                | (CARP)
                | subnet  -------- Win 7 workstation

    Filtering the firewall logs I see one-way traffic only:

    Any ideas on what I should be looking at?

    Thanks in advance.  Aaron

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    check the gateway and subnet mask settings on the printer, it may not be setup to talk outside of its subnet.

    I print to a 4050n from multiple subnets without problem, and even over a port forward in one place.

  • Thanks Jim.  THe addressing is all fine - there are no issues pinging or web browsing to the printer.

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