PfSense + ethernet handoff

  • Hey all,

    I've been tasked with managing our upgrade to our new 20Mbit internet service.  Up until now our router has been managed by our ISP, but with our new provider they are just giving us an ethernet handoff and the router is up to us.  I'm wondering if I can build an appliance and use pfsense for this instead of getting an expensive Cisco router.  I'm familiar with networking and routing, but have no experience with a handoff.  Is it typical to be given an IP block and a remote gateway to route to?  I'm assuming so, in which case pfsense should work fine.  If anyone has experience using pfsense like this, please chime in and let me know.


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    If it's just ethernet on your end, pfSense will work fine. Static IP is easy to setup, either by the setup wizard or by entering the settings on Interfaces > WAN.

  • Ethernet handoffs are the simplest way for any appliance to work with be it pfsense or any other band. It's made even easier because you have a static IP block. You only need 3 things, one IP in the block you were assigned, the subnet mask and the default gateway. Assign that one IP to the WAN port and the rest into the virtual IP section to handle 1-1 mappings of the remaining IPs and away you go.

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