BOGON - How often is the list updated?

  • Had an interesting problem this week.

    I have a streaming music server running at home behind a pfsense firewall and an app on my phone that I stream music to. Until late last week, I was able to stream music successfully over wifi or the phone's data connection (3G and 4G). On Friday, I could no longer stream via the data connection, but, wifi worked fine. Could not connect to another HTTP service on my service either via the data connection. Everything worked just fine over wifi.

    So, after a lot of troubleshooting (could it be the new ROM installed on my rooted Android phone, or my DynDNS host account, or my web/media server), I found that PFSense was blocking the traffic from my phone because it considered my phone's IP address ( to be a BOGON IP address and I had left that checkbox checked on my WAN interface! Disabling that checkbox fixed my connectivity issue.

    Hope this helps anybody else that runs into this issue.

    So, how often is the BOGON list updated? Also, since the IP4 addresses are all used up, what would be in the BOGON list?


  • Saw this on the mailing list not too long ago:

  • Thanks for the link. Just the information I needed!

    I really did search before posting; found many other hits, but, not this one or any that answered my question.

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