Reverse Proxy Forward IP to Host?

  • I'm fairly new to PFsense, but basically we are trying to install a new router/firewall (PFsense box) to segment off our Customer Service network from everyone else. They will be on their own subnet and the firewall will only allow normal web traffic, and internal AD and filesharing traffic. I want to hide some servers from direct contact with that new subnet we are creating… so i think what i want is a reverse proxy? Basically i want to set it up so that all requests that go to a certain IP address on the new Customer Service subnet to be redirected, and translated to the appropriate server. This need is only with a 1 server right now, but may expand in the future.

    so like this: --> --> -- -->
      client pc ip        PFsense vIP    PFsense LAN ip      PFsense WAN ip      destination server ip

    so as you can see, i'm wanting the client pc's on the LAN to be able to put in a request to and the PFsense box maps that to This should have the effect of the destination server thinking it is only dealing with, and the client pc will think the destination server is located at

    I have not been able to figure out how to accomplish this reverse-proxy setup with Pfsense. I've installed Squid, but it seems to only want to do port 80 stuff... i want everything thats pointed at that IP to be sent to the destination server. I've played aroudn with the virtual IP's and NAT, but can't seem to get it configured properly. can someone help point me in the right direction?

    thanks in advance!

  • You dont need a reverse proxy.
    Simply add virtual IPs (firewall ->VIPs) and then create 1:1 NAT mappings between the VIP(s) and your server(s).
    Also firewall rules to allow traffic.

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