MultiWan> Switch/Hub> pfSense> Switch/Hub… Any idea?

  • Just curios if possible…

    ISP1  >  [                ] >
    ISP2  >  [Switch/Hub ] > {[Single WAN Interface ] > [ pfSense box ] > [Single LAN Interface]} > [ Switch/Hub ] > [Client PC..]
    ISP3  >  [                ] >

  • With 2.0 this should all be possible via the GUI.
    1.2.3 would need some manual modifying of the config.xml

  • Will it be like assigning different gateway address on the same interface? How to do it?

  • In 2.0 a gateway isn't something bound to an interface.
    You simply create a gateway by telling that an IP is a gateway.
    These gateways then can be used in gateway groups/pools for loadbalancing/failover or be used directly in firewall rules to force traffic to a gateway.

    There still can only a single default gateway.

  • I tried this:
    ISP1 (
                                [switch] >WanInterface( >{pfSense} > LAN ( >[switch]> PC Client
    ISP2 (

    I did basic load balancing rules but its only acting as a failover,and not the round robin load balance. Please guide me for the proper configuration of this setup…

    Thank you very much...

  • Show screenshots of your setup.

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