Need to return pptp_gre_state.RELENG_8.diff patch

  • Hello,

    i need to return pptp_gre_state.RELENG_8.diff patch back (i must it's functionality)
    i found that some changes from this patch are implemented in other patches, so i removed it.
    after apply…sh script i received strange error about /usr/pfSensesrc/src/Oops.rej file.
    what is this file?

  • It was removed because it causes kernel panics, you probably don't want that. Though it may be specific to certain things that aren't applicable in your network, it pretty widely cause issues.

    The problem is you have patch rejections, which isn't surprising since other things have changed since that was removed. Unless you're a FreeBSD kernel developer you're likely not going to be able to sort that out. The solution is to fix the patch so it applies cleanly along with all the latest patches, then it will build fine.

  • basically i need pptp paththrue and pptp server functionality together in 32 bit, 64 bit have problem with pptp checksum calculation and bug is opened. this functionality is required by my company and around 50 my customers ;). i'm ready to put bounty if some one can make this patch compatible with current version.

  • i managed to make iso. most of pptp patch is already implemented in other patches

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